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Sufi Retreat with Darpan

Dear ones,
There are only 2 people who we organize in Switzerland - Bela Dubbelman and Darpan. We love them both and trust to the “work” that they do totally. We can stand behind both of them and fully recommend their groups! And luckily we found an incredible place full in the nature for the coming group! It would be a great pleasure to meet you all there! Though it is a limited number of places - 21! And there’s discount for first registered participants!
So, we invite you to a beautiful meditation weekend in the mountains!
In an oasis of peace and relaxation so close to Zurich City!
4 - 5 August 2018
Sufi Retreat with Darpan “The way of the heart. Unknown Journey”
Allow yourself this unforgettable time in an incredible place with:
* Meditations in a newly renovated Seminar House with breathtaking view 
* Some practices in open air surrounded by pure nature
* Enjoying magnificent mountains and forest around 
* Having a 10 minutes walk to Thurwasserfälle (waterfall)
* Sauna and natural cool pool in the evening as a closure of the day
* wholesome, regional, organic and vegetarian/vegan food (indoor or outdoor) prepared with love and care
* Friendly atmosphere and variety of lodging choice (from shared to a single room)
Just 2 days of immersion in meditation and nature will help you to recharge your batteries and connect again with yourself and the beauty inside and around you.
During this weekend retreat you will get a chance to be a part of the most touching, heartfelt, enchanting Sufi practices and meditations which are very deep and beautiful tools for reconnecting with yourself and for bringing more joy, presence and silence into your life:
* Sufi whirling
* Sufi Sacred Breathing with energizing live hand-drum beat
* Ancient Sufi Zikhrs
* Different techniques for centering and awareness 
* Meditations from The Book of Secrets
* Meditation techniques for opening yourself, your heart, connecting with your hara and your strength, for fulfilling yourself with love and sharing it in the space around you
All Sufi techniques are powerful, sacred practices, some of the oldest and mysterious ones.
“The way of the heart. Unknown Journey” is:
* a celebration of life, of yourself, of love, of the divine beginning in yourself and in the universe!
* an opportunity to open the heart, open it to meet this world, with all its beauty and diversity... 
* a chance to get in touch with something that has been long forgotten, something that it truly yours and that you carry inside of you…
* a glimpse of shattering an endless inner dialogue and simply enjoying being...
And it's a dance, it's breathing, it's passion, it's the call of the soul and the song of the heart...
It is energy, power, strength and an indescribable feeling of freedom...
It is enjoying every moment, every second, it is an opportunity to learn to be here and now, realizing that there is no past or future, only the present...
There is only you and your dance of freedom, love, unity!
Anyone can try and feel the power and depth of these practices, regardless of your experience! This group is open to everyone!
If you are afraid of whirling, then you should know form the beginning: Sufi Whirling has nothing to do with the vestibular apparatus. This is the dance of your heart, the dance of your soul. Whirling happens by itself, when your heart swings open! 
Therefore, the seminar is designed in such a way to guide you deeper and deeper inside yourself, to connect with your heart and your center. 
The way of the Sufi is the way of the heart…
After this weekend retreat you will feel lighter, more alive, free, open, refreshed, filled with joy, living with trust in yourself and the world, in one rhythm with everything that surrounds you.
The group will be guided by Darpan Chaitanyo.
Darpan has more than 15 years of experience of leading Meditation groups, Sufi Zen Retreats, Meditation Festivals, Active Meditations, Social Meditations and OSHO Meditative Therapies all over Russia, in Mongolia, China and in OSHO International Meditation Resort in India. And now we welcome him for the 3rd time in Switzerland!
Darpan is a Certified trainer and facilitator of all OSHO Meditations, OSHO Meditative Therapies (Mystic Rose, No Mind, Born Again) and HUMANIVERSITY Meditations (AUM and Social Meditations).
Studied and got trained from the world recognized masters and group-leaders in India (Pune), Humaniversity in Holland and in Russia.
Graduated from Nizhniy Novgorod and Kirov Medical Institutes, has done numerous programs for additional education with the specialization in psychology, family counseling, family constellations, and etc.
Gives also individual and group sessions of the authoring system of natural healing "Meditation in the water "Aquafloating".
Master of Reiki - system of natural healing, gives individual sessions and training.
The founder of OSHO Institute "Satori" in Russia. Organizer and inspirer of "OSHO Festival in Russia", which is held every year since 2011 in September on the Azov Sea where gathers more than 300 people from all over the world.
And just open and heartful man who is ready to share his experience with you.
10:00 4 August – 20:00 5 August
(You are free to come also a night before or stay a night after in this paradise!)
As a guest you will feel comfortable in a trustworthy and familiar atmosphere. Karuna Haus is located in Toggenburg close to nature at the foot of the Säntis at 1068 meters above sea level and with a view of the Churfirsten. An encounter with humans, animals, nature and especially yourself and the true nature that lives in everything.
The price below includes:
* participating in all the activities of the Weekend Retreat “The way of the heart. Unknown Journey”
* 1-night accommodation according to your choice in a Retreat House
* vegetarian/vegan meals
* sauna and natural cool pool
We also provide meditation cushions, mats, chairs, pillows to make it more comfortable for you!
For the first 5 participants:
Staying in a shared room – 360 CHF
Staying in a double room – 380 CHF
Staying in a single room – 400 CHF
Next 10 participants:
Staying in a shared room – 390 CHF
Staying in a double room – 410 CHF
Staying in a single room – 430 CHF
Pay as you arrive:
Staying in a shared room – 410 CHF
Staying in a double room – 430 CHF
Staying in a single room – 450 CHF
There’s a limited number of places! So please book your space in advance!
+41796963423 or +79383013519 (What’s app/Viber) - Girisha
+41797834130 – Sandro
Sufi is the heart of the universe, the fragrance of love...
With Love,
Girisha and Sandro

Eigenschaften der Veranstaltung

Datum: 04. Aug. 2018 10:00
Enddatum der Veranstaltung: 05. Aug. 2018 20:00
Einzelpreis CHF 360.00
Standort Karuna Haus
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