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Our Sacred Earth Meditation on top of Zurich HB


February 19 – “Our Sacred Earth Meditation”
It’s time to dance, shake, celebrate and meet each other!
This beautiful meditation is a powerful message to realize the great responsibility we have to take care of our beautiful planet by taking care of ourselves. Each of us can create a little wave of transformation by looking inside and opening our hearts to ourselves, each other and our Sacred Earth.
This meditation is created by Veeresh at the OSHO Humaniversity, Holland with the message 'This Earth does not belong to us, we belong to this Earth'.
During an hour, you will relax your mind and body through stages of shaking, gentle movement that loosens the muscles and releases tensions, of dancing, stillness and meeting other people in a hug, as an outcome you can let go of stress and worries that keep you from enjoying life.
It is a social (interactive) meditation that brings you into the present moment in an enjoyable way – by being with others.
Music for this meditation was specially created and it guides you to let the body dance, shake, be silent and then meet people and simply hug. As these activities nourish your body and mind, you will be led naturally into a space of stillness and meditation.
Come and join us in a celebration to give thanks to our amazing planet! It is a great way to quiet the mind and wake up the body!

Eigenschaften der Veranstaltung

Datum: 19. Feb. 2018 20:00
Enddatum der Veranstaltung: 19. Feb. 2018 21:30
Einzelpreis CHF 25.00
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