Love Meditation top of Zurich HB

March 5th 20:00 - “LOVE MEDITATION” - connect to the love within you❤
It is a Social (interactive) Meditation that was created by Veeresh, the founder of OSHO Humaniversity in Holland.
When you say Yes to love, your life changes. This meditation uses gentle exercises, singing, dancing and hugging to take you on a journey that will melt your soul and open your heart.
This is a beautiful guided journey. An evening of connecting to the love within your heart and unconditionally sharing it.
Feeling and being present is the power of love. It is your choice to open your heart and love. Love Meditation is a great space to open yourself and experience the love energy available to us all. 

When you come from your heart, you allow the unexpected, you give space, you live adventurously and life becomes colorful. Your heart is pulsating, you feel alive. Only when you start to open your heart can you feel the compassion, compassion is a function of love. When you love, you feel the other, embrace them, and let them be who they are.

Take time out and do something just for you! No previous experience is needed! The event is open to everyone! 
Bring with you light, comfortable clothes and a water bottle.

Entry: CHF 25.-
Abo for 5 classes: CHF 100.-

In NOW Meditation Studio on top of Zurich HB (3rd floor)
Bahnhofplatz 15 (next to Permanence Pharmacy)

Any questions and all info:
+41792580146, +41797834130

Active Meditations Team.
Looking forward to meeting You and meditating with You!

Eigenschaften der Veranstaltung

Datum: 05. Mär. 2018 20:00
Enddatum der Veranstaltung: 05. Feb. 2018 21:30
Einzelpreis CHF 25.00

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