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Gurdjieff' Movements in Zurich

Welcome to a special event! Free Your Mind on Monday Night!
“Gurdjieff' Movements” (Gurdjieff Sacred Dances) with a special guest from India – DhyanPrem.
Open to everyone! Don’t miss the chance! Try something NEW!
Monday February 26, 20:00 – 21:30
In the middle of Zurich!
In the space of NOW Meditation Studio on top of Zurich HB!
Bahnhofplatz 15 (next to Permanence Pharmacy)
"It is possible to stop being a machine, but for that it is necessary first of all to 'know the machine'... When a machine knows itself it is then no longer a machine, not such a machine as it was before". - G.I. Gurdjieff
Gurdjieff Movements are the best tool for self-observation and enhancing one's level of awareness and presence. Practicing Movements can lead to a better understanding of body, mind and emotions. This is what Gurdjieff describes as harmonious development of the human being.
It is difficult to describe the movements - it has to be experienced. In my experience, these incredibly simple yet powerful movements harmonize the three centers: the moving center (body), the intellectual center (mind) and the emotional center (heart). When these three centers are in tune there is centering. One can sense the connection between the right and left hemispheres of the brain, the balance of the male and female polarities and the Samurai and the Buddha inside.
Born in 1969, Dhyanprem has lived in Pune since 1990. For nearly twenty years, he has meditated and worked at the Osho International Meditation Resort. DP has extensively trained with master therapists and body-workers in the art and science of Taoist, Indian, Sufi, Jewish & Japanese bodywork techniques. He studied Gurdjieff Movements with Amiyo Devienne & Jivan. Since 1997, he has lead groups, seminars and offered individual massage sessions all over the world to share his meditation and healing experiences.
Some of the places include the Institute voor Aandacht & Mindfulness in Belgium, Sicily, Germany, Russia, Ukraine, Higher School of Social Work and Social Pedagogics "ATTISTIBA", Latvia, Lithuania, China, Korea, Honkong, Bali and he is living and working in the OSHO Humaniversity in Holland.
Also, February 23 – 27 you there's a unique opportunity to take an individual session of 1 or 1.5 hour from Dhyanprem - Ayurvedic Yoga Massage and Hara awareness Massage at our session room in Weiach 8187. The booking is open!
Entry: CHF 25.-
Abo for 5 classes: CHF 100.-
Everyone is welcome! No previous experience is necessary.
Bring with you light, comfortable clothes and a water bottle.
NOW Meditation Studio on top of Zurich HB
Bahnhofplatz 15 (next to Permanence Pharmacy)
Any questions and all info: info@activemeditations.ch
+41792580146, +41797834130

Active Meditations Team.
Looking forward to meeting You and meditating with You!
More about Gurdjieff Movements (or Gurdjieff Sacred Dances):

Gurdjieff pursued during many years, through countries of the East, investigations which proved that Oriental dances have not lost the deep significance – religious, mystic, and scientific – which belonged to them in far off ages.
Sacred dances have always been one of the vital subjects taught in esoteric schools of the East. They have a double aim: they contain and express a certain form of knowledge and at the same time serve as a means to acquire a harmonious state of being. The combination of unnatural movements helps to obtain certain qualities of sensation, various degrees of concentration as well as the directing of thought and senses.
This dancing has another meaning than we are accustomed to. Ancient dance was a branch of art, and in ancient time art served the purpose of higher knowledge and religion. Knowledge was expressed in works of art, particularly in dances, just as today we give out our wisdom through books.

"Thus ancient sacred dance is not only an aesthetic experience but a book containing a definite piece of knowledge. Yet a book that not everyone can read who would, which not everyone can read who will."


Eigenschaften der Veranstaltung

Datum: 26. Feb. 2018 20:00
Enddatum der Veranstaltung: 26. Feb. 2018 21:30
Einzelpreis CHF 25.00

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