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The most essential thing is: you have to be yourself. Don't be distracted by anybody, by any scripture,
by any priest, by any politician. Don't be distracted. Stick to one thing: "I have to be myself." Don't be
stubborn. Don't bother about non-essentials. If the rule is to keep to the left, follow it; it is a non-essential
thing. Whether you keep to the left or whether you keep to the right does not matter; it is just a traffic
convenience. In India we keep to the left because of the Britishers, because they had the idea of keeping to
the left; the Americans keep to the right. Both are okay; there is nothing essential about it. But one thing is
certain, that the traffic has to be managed and one has to decide either left or right -- the traffic cannot be
left in chaos.
These are non-essentials. Don't start fighting for them; that is a sheer wastage of energy. But about the
essential no compromise should ever be made.
The Desiderata says: Without surrender, without making any compromise, remain yourself. That does
not mean that you have to be continuously fighting. It simply means if you are alert, aware, watchful, you
can save your being without being contaminated by the others.
Everybody is like a vulture trying to dominate you. Even those who say they love you, their love is also
nothing but an ego trip. They love you so that they can dominate you. The husband loves the wife to reduce
her almost to a thing, to a commodity. The wife loves the husband just to dominate him, just to exploit him.
All this love, all these relationships. . . Parents love their children if the children are following the ideas of
the parents; if they are obedient then they love their children, if they are not obedient then all love
disappears -- instead of love they start hating.


When you look for masters, remember, out of one hundred, ninety-nine will be false. And the false will appeal to you more than the real one, because the false will speak your language and the false will try to convince you, to argue. The false will quote scriptures, the false will console you. They will try to convince you, they will give you beliefs.

dhammapada 5-9



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