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Then I will say go deep into love. If you go deep into love, again you will come to the very core of it.
And in that moment prayer will arise. That too happens spontaneously. In sex you are more concerned with the body; in love you are more concerned with the psyche; in prayer you suddenly become concerned with the soul. These are the three possibilities hidden in the seed of sex. And when sex has disappeared into love and love has disappeared into prayer, there is a spontaneous celibacy.
art of dying 2


beyond therapy 1

I used to choose people for their groups; seeing the need of the person, I used to choose which group he should go to. Now they will be doing things to people who don't need them; or these things may even harm them. There is every possibility that the people, through their therapies, will be harmed -- because therapy is not anything spiritual. Therapy is only preparing the ground. And if you don't have the seeds, the ground that you have prepared will simply grow weeds, wild grass. It cannot grow roses.
Here I was using their therapy to clean the ground so that seeds of meditation can be sown, and people can blossom.

Beyond Psychology Chap. 27


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