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People are fast asleep. Somebody is asleep as a Christian, and somebody is asleep as a Hindu. That doesn't matter -- sleep is sleep. A Christian, a Hindu, a Mohammedan -- if all these three get too drunk, will there be any distinction, differentiation between their drunkenness?

The Hindu will behave as foolishly as the Mohammedan; and the Mohammedan will behave as stupidly as the Christian. Once they are drunk, they are drunk. And people are asleep. It makes no difference what kind of theology you have used as a pillow for your sleep.

Whether the pillow is white or green or blue or red does not matter. Once you fall asleep, you fall asleep; the pillow becomes immaterial. Whether you are sleeping on the Bible, on the Gita, on the Koran does not make any difference; you are using a pillow.

I say onto you

63 years

By the age of sixty-three you again become like a child, only interested in yourself. That is what meditation is -- to be moving inwards, as if everything has fallen away. Only you exist. Again you have become a child -- of course, very much enriched by life, very mature, understanding, with great intelligence.
Now you again become innocent. You start moving inwards. Only seven years are left, and you have to prepare for death. You have to be ready to die. And what is the readiness to die?
To die celebrating is the readiness to die. To die happy, joyfully, to die willingly, welcomingly, is to be ready. God gave you an opportunity to learn, and be, and you learned. Now you would like to rest. Now you would like to go to the ultimate home.
It was a sojourn. You wandered in a strange land, you lived with strange people, you loved strangers, and you learned much. Now the time has come: the prince must return to his own kingdom.
Sixty-three is the time when one becomes completely enclosed in one's self. The whole energy moves in and in and in, turning in. You become a circle of energy, not moving anywhere. No reading, not much talking. More and more silent, more and more with one's self, remaining totally independent of all that is around you. The energy by and by subsides.

Just like that Chapter #10



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