Primal Deconditioning Intensive with Bela Dubbelman

We are delighted to announce that renowned primal therapist Bela Dubbelman is offering “Primal Deconditioning Intensive” for the first time in Switzerland in a beautiful meditation retreat center in the mountains!
This beautiful transformative 7-day residential process is ideal for anyone who wishes to know and experience who you really are and live more authentically in tune with your essence and truth.
19 - 26 MAY 2019
"Kientalerhof", Kiental, Switzerland 
This is a therapeutic childhood deconditioning program that works with our basic conditioning which has been installed into the first 7 years of our lives. This forms the blueprint of who we unconsciously become as an adult.
Conditioning is given to us by parents, family, teachers and society - it is learned behavior. It fuels all that is false about us by maintaining a personality. That in turn deprives us from the real, essential and true in us – a place where we feel at home and connected.
This process works through the layers of our personality which manifest themselves mostly as our self-destructive behaviors, addictions, and co-dependency issues.
In this process we use different techniques to re-connect with the healthy, alive child inside us to set it free from the “hypnosis” of the past.
In the end it is meditation on a daily basis which will enable us to stay unidentified from our wounds, maintaining a healthier and fulfilled life in this present moment.
"Whatever is repressed will have to be witnessed; whatever is buried inside will have to be faced. Wherever we have made ourselves blind, we will have to create eyes. We will have to undo the things we were taught to do as children and redo them in a totally different manner. We will have to return to that point in our childhood at which our energy was stolen. This is why all religiousness is nothing but the reclaiming of childhood". Osho
For anybody who has a deep longing to know oneself. Without primal at the base of every therapy and personal development work, we will not be able to live and experience our life authentically or be in alignment with our essence, free from judgments, shame and other limiting addictive behaviors.
This process is supported by OSHO® Active Meditations, so it is important that you have some experience of OSHO® Dynamic and OSHO® Kundalini Meditation and preferably have done some Breath or Pulsation work before.
Bela is certified Primal Rebirth® and A.F.H. – The OSHO Freedom Process therapist, gives courses and individual sessions in Europe, Asia and in the OSHO International Meditation Resort in India.
Bela's unwavering passion for primal therapy and other related early childhood deconditioning work has inspired her to share her expertise and wisdom in this field with people from various cultures and backgrounds since 1996.
Following her heart, Bela is affiliated to the OSHO International Meditation Resort, she also travels all over the world to share her work, at the same time fulfilling her never ending curiosity to understand how conditioning colors human behavior.
Consequently, her professional and skilled approach is grounded in her own growth process and meditation. The courses and sessions she facilitates are known to have a depth and clarity where people can feel free to be seen in who they truly are.
The focus of Bela's work is to support the essence of the person in a safe and accepting environment instead of being issue-minded; a holistic approach where your daily life will be more connected with your potential and intuition; supporting the trust that only you know the answers to your questions.
You can learn more about Bela at http://www.livingtruthnow.com/  
A deepening of your meditation, from dependency to freedom, living your truth....
This residential course is in silence and isolation which is designed in such a way to support the process. As a participant, you cannot use internet, mobile or SMS during the whole process. You’re asked to organize and come prepared to have this time all to yourself. 
Vegetarian/Vegan meals will be served by the retreat center and the daily changing menu is completely tuned and created to support the process. The food at the venue is for 70% ecologically produced with regional and seasonal products. Sugar, milk products, white flour, coffee, black and green teas are excluded from the menu. 
19 - 26 May 2019 (8 days / 7 nights)
Arrival is not later than 4pm (16:00) on 19th of May. Check-in is open from 2pm (14:00). The course finishes on the 26th of May at 5pm (17:00). 
"Kientalerhof", Griesalpstrasse 44, CH-3723 Kiental, Switzerland 
We are offering an early bird price of 750 CHF (€ 670) if you apply and transfer a non-refundable deposit of 250 CHF by 31st January 2019
The standard rate of 850 CHF (€ 760) will apply from 1st February 2019. 
You can choose your accommodation in:
·   double bedroom with a private bathroom and full board for 910 CHF per person
·   3 bedroom with a private bathroom and full board for 805 CHF per person
(3.00 CHF visitor’s tax per day/person is not included.)
If you are interested, please contact Girisha at info@activemeditations.ch or what's app +79383013519.
To ensure your place for the process, you will need to fill in an application form that will be emailed to you after your inquiry. This application form is part of the process and is confidential. If needed a Skype-interview with Bela might be part of the application procedure. Your place will be confirmed only after the application process is completed, and you have transferred the deposit.
There is a limited number of participants! Don't miss this opportunity and apply as soon as possible!
With meditation at the core of each method,
questioning your basic beliefs about yourself, others and the world surrounding you, your own truth will unfold and surface out of this inner inquiry.


Eigenschaften der Veranstaltung

Datum: 19. Mai. 2019 16:00
Enddatum der Veranstaltung: 26. Mai. 2019 17:00
Einzelpreis CHF 850.00

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