Energetic Thai Yoga Massage Training with Svaraj

Energetic Thai Yoga Massage Training with Svaraj
Basic level. Art of healing touch.
15 – 17 March 2019
in Weiach 8187, Zurich
(Uebernachtungsmöglichkeit vor Ort)
In 3 Tagen erlennst Du die Basics einer Thai Massage. Du bist danach in der Lage eine 90 min Thai Massage zu geben.
Prem Svaraj ist in Russland ein sehr angesagter und beliebter Thai Massage, Pulsation Therapeut.
In diesem Workshop sind 2 Dinge miteinander vereint, die Intensivste Wirkung auf uns haben, Massage - Berührung und Meditation. Eine wundervolle Gelegenheit, Dir etwas Gutes zu tun und etwas zu erlernen, was Du teilen und weitergeben kannst.

Energetic Thai Yoga Massage is a complex system of work with a human body. At the core of this work is a deep tuning with energy system of a client, which is based more on «feeling» then on following a certain structure.
Workshop program:
•Basic positions and movements of massage therapist;
•Basic movements and types of work in Thai massage;
•Basic types of work with legs with a client in a position lying on the back;
•Work with belly, chest, arms, head, face;
•Work with a client in a position lying on belly: legs, pelvis, lower back, arms, neck, head.
•Use of bio-energetic exercises to activate energy in a body;
•Use of meditations to center and integrate body experience.
For this course I selected simple but effective methods, which anyone can learn, and after the course you will be able to make a 1,5 hour long therapeutical massage. In addition we will pay special attention to correct positions and movements of your own body, so that you could remain relaxed during work and not get tired after session, often feeling even more energized.
It’s important that during the workshop not only will we learn basic positions and methods of Thai massage, but we will also explore and train one of the most essential qualities - ability to Receive and Give.
We will work with energy as well, meditate. It will help us to let go and release energy from tense muscles, remove blocks. We will learn to feel how this energy moves inside your body and the body of your partner, as well as to express this energy.
After the course each participant gets a named certificate and illustrated practical guide. You can also purchase video of demonstration of all the methods from this workshop.
Each level of studying includes theory and practice. After a range of techniques are demonstrated, participants work with each other under instructor’s supervision. In this way each participant gets an experience as a massage therapist and receiver of massage.
This educational structure gives a therapeutical effect for every participant as well. Often after the workshop a person feels rested and full of energy, like after a good vacation. In addition to studying the technique of Thai massage, you will learn ways of energy tuning, which are very important for a massage giver, as they increase ability to feel your body (physical and energetic) and body of your client.
All participants of the workshop (of any level) receive a practical guide (illustrated) and certificate.
To read more about Thai massage http://en.body-work.ru/thai-massage 
with Prem Svaraj (Valery Guk) http://en.body-work.ru/ 
Prem Svaraj (Valery Guk) (Moscow, Russia) – psychologist, body oriented therapist, Osho-therapist, using in his work Osho Pulsation (Neo-Reichian breathing and bodywork), Primal Therapy, Transessence technique, Essence Work and Energetic Thai Yoga massage.
From 2004 until now — Leader of groups of personal growth and therapy in many places in Russia, Ukraine, Moldova, Lithuania, Latvia, India, Taiwan and China.
From 2005 until now — Trainer and teacher of Energetic Thai Yoga massage.
From 2008 until now — Co-Leader and assistant of «Osho Pulsation: Neo-Reichian breathing and bodywork» trainings by Aneesha Dillon
2002-2006 — part-time lecturer, a developer and leader of discipline "Body-oriented Psychotherapy" in the Faculty of Psychology, Moscow Open Social University.
Training «Transessense technique» - 2014-2015. ( Tarika Glubin. St.-Petersburg, Russia)
Training «Thai massage – Sen lines; theory and therapy» - 2012, 2013. (Felicity Joy. Thailand, Chiang Mai, "Sun Shine school")
Training « Osho Pulsation: Neo-Reichian breathing and bodywork » — 2009 (Aneesha L. Dillon. Greece, Lesvos, "Afroz — center")
Training « Traditional Thai massage » — 2009 (Tassanee Boonsom. Thailand, Chiang Mai, "LoiKroh school")
Training «Osho Pulsation: Neo-Reichian breathing and bodywork » — 2007 (Prabodhi Greta Mildenberg, Svagito Liebermeister. India, Pune, OSHO Multiversity)
Training « Thai Yoga massage» — 2004 (Robert Ilinskas. Moscow, Russia)
Training «Tanatotherapy» - 2003 (Vladimir. Baskakov, Moscow, Russia)
Graduate degree in psychology– 2002 (Penza University, Russia)
Schedule of the training:
15 – 17 March 2019
10:00 – 19:00
On Saturday and Sunday (16-17 March) 8:00 – 10:00 morning meditation and breakfast included.
The cost of the training with the certificate is 380 CHF.
Limited number of participants! To book your space non-refundable deposit of 100 CHF is required. Don't miss it????
Any questions: +41797834130 – Sandro
Herzliche Grüsse
Active Meditations Team
T +41 (0) 79 783 41 30

PS: Wenn Du keine E-Mails mehr erhalten willst, einfach E-Mail mit dem Vermerk „streichen“ retournieren.

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Datum: 15. Mär. 2019 10:00
Enddatum der Veranstaltung: 17. Mär. 2019 18:00

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