Samasati Meditation & Dynamic in Zurich

Dear friends, welcome to a new special Easter event this Saturday April 31st!

Wir freuen uns, auch über Ostern die Dynamische Meditation durchführen zu können. 
Anschliessend geht es weiter mir der Samasati Meditation, über Danbkbarkeit, feiern, Leben und Tod.
Ein Reise in das Unbekannte!
Samasati Meditation 11:10 – 12:10
The Art of Witnessing
This version of the Samasati Meditation has been created by Veeresh. He drew his inspiration from Osho's vision of dying consciously and the Tibetan Book of the Dead, also know as the Bardo.
Samasati means awareness or consciousness. Buddha called it rightmindfulness, Krishnamurti defined it as choiceless awareness, Gurdjieff spoke about it as self-remembering and Osho explained it as witnessing. Samasati is the last word Buddha said before dying, and Samasati is the last meditation group Osho asked for.
For me Samasati means, 'You are from the very beginning a Buddha, you are a Buddha now and you will always be a Buddha-remember this! My mother's death was my motivation to make this meditation. I now realize that it is also a preparation for my own death one day.
The purpose of this meditation is to bring awareness to the denial and fear people have regarding death. The goal of this meditation is to practice the art of witnessing rather than reaching to situations and circumstances. Be aware and remember that since you are alive, you must not take your life for granted. Choose the position: 'I will always value my life.'
Appreciating my life means waking up every morning and looking into the mirror, and saying to myself, 'I am so happy to be alive!' Thank you Osho, for helping me to create this meditation." 
The first six stages are an opportunity to practice dying consciously, a rehearsal for the end of your life.
The remaining four stages are a reminder to live totally and cherish each moment.
- Veeresh
and as usually there will be OSHO Dynamic Meditation 9:30 - 10:30 
A transforming technique in five stages: rapid breathing, conscious catharsis, hammering your energy centers, silence and celebration. It is one of the most playful methods of meditation to get into a state that is thoughtless yet blissful, alone yet connected to everything around you. 
This meditation is a fast, intense and thorough way to break old, ingrained patterns in the bodymind that keep one imprisoned in the past, and to experience the freedom, the witnessing, silence and peace that are hidden behind these prison walls.
Die Dynamische Meditation, eine sehr aktive Meditationstechnik, ist ein kraftvoller Kickstart für den Tag. 
Durch Bewegung, Nutzung der Stimme und die Möglichkeit eines emotionalen Ausdrucks hilft die Dynamische uns aus dem Schlaf zu erwachen und unsere Lebensenergie aufzuwecken. Gleichzeitig in den ruhigen Phasen führt sie uns in die entspannte Stille des Augenblicks und in den Tanz, in dem man das Leben bejahen und feiern kann. 
You can take part in one meditation or both. No previous experience is needed. We are open to everyone!
Keine Anmeldung und Vorkenntnisse erforderlich.
Eintritt/Entry: CHF 18.- for one meditation or 25.- for both.
The introduction is in German and/or English.
GZ Hirzenbach
Helen Keller-Strasse 55
8051 Zürich
We meet you at 9:20 or 11:00 outside at the main entrance. If you are running late, please do let us know by calling us!
Treffpunkt 9:20 Uhr oder 11:00 am Haupteingang.
The description of the meditations and the schedule of all active meditations that we offer you can find on our website:
You are welcome to contact us for any necessary information: +41797834130 or +41792580146
Sandro & Girisha

Looking forward to meeting You and meditating with You!

Eigenschaften der Veranstaltung

Datum: 28. Apr. 2018 09:30
Enddatum der Veranstaltung: 28. Apr. 2018 12:10
Einzelpreis CHF 25.00
Standort GZ Hirzenbach

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