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What you call love is just sex. Call it sex, don't call it love. And it will be good to call it sex because then you know it is sex. There is no need to pretend. If you don't pretend, it will not turn into hate.
If you pretend that it is love and it is not, sooner or later you will see it is turning into hate. If you don't pretend, if you call it simply sex, you will be grateful to the other, you will not hate the other. And it will never become indifference; you will always feel thankful.
But calling it by a big name, 'love', creates the whole trouble. Then the problem arises -- why does it turn into hate? Love never turns into hate. Love goes on becoming more and more love. Love ultimately becomes prayer and God.
But this is not love. The first thing -- my suggestion -- is: call it simple, pure sex. And there is nothing wrong in pure, simple sex; it is natural. There is no need to hide it behind the beautiful word 'love'. There is no need to create a cloud of romance around it. Be simple, be true, sincere. If this is done, half the work is done. Then one day you will be able to see the difference. One day you will fall in love and you will see it is not just physiological, chemical attraction, but something higher, something superior -- two vibes falling in tune, two spirits feeling close, two beings feeling harmonious.
My own words are: if two bodies are feeling attracted to each other, it is sex; if two minds are feeling attracted to each other, it is love; if two souls are feeling attracted to each other, it is prayer. And prayer is the highest form. Sex is the lowest form. Don't think of the lower as the higher; otherwise you remain misguided.
The Secret of Secrets I, chap.8



Thoughts are the layer of dust on your mind. It is because of thoughts, too many thoughts, that your reflections are not true to reality. They interfere, they continuously distort, they manipulate. They never allow the thing to be reflected as it is. Once thoughts have been dropped, once you have come to a point when your mind is contentless, you just are, no thought moving in you, then nothing is distorted. Then the lake of your consciousness is absolutely still, no waves, not even ripples. Then the moon and the stars -- all are reflected in their great splendor. The lake becomes a mirror.

The Secret #13


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