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Move from sex to SAMADHI, from sex to superconsciousness; this is the only natural and rightful way.
Don't get stuck anywhere in sex. I teach you sex and transcendence both, because the transcendence is possible only through it. And the people who are teaching repression are not teaching transcendence. In fact, they go on pouring more mud on you. They go on forcing you deeper in the mud because there is no possibility of transcendence if you have not moved through these sexual stages of autoeroticism, of homoeroticism, of heteroeroticism, and then to transcendence. And the lotus blooms, the one-thousand-petalled lotus. You are containing it in yourself. Avoid the priests and the politicians and you can achieve it. They are standing in the way.

The Secret of secrets II



It is very difficult to find a scholar who will say that what he is saying is not his knowledge. He pretends that what he is saying, he knows, that he is saying it only because he knows.
Every scholar, almost without exception, is a pretender. And because of these pretenders, it becomes very difficult for people to figure out who the authentic masters are. The scholars speak of the gateway of the buddha, they speak about eternity, they speak about emptiness. Their words are perfectly right, but the men who are speaking them are not right, because these words are borrowed.

The Language Of Existence 5


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