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Slowly, slowly in all the countries where spirituality has flowered, people became aware that something happens... So people have preserved things that were used by these people, or just have made memorials of their bodies. In India bodies are burned, but you will be surprised to know that the remains left after burning a body are called "flowers". Ordinary people's ashes are thrown into holy rivers, but enlightened people's "flowers" are preserved in samadhis -- in beautiful marble memorials. Just to go and sit there is in itself a meditation. But the trouble is that the world is ruled by those who know nothing of this.
Beyond Psychology Chap. 34


Language is the greatest imprisonment

And the moment you come to realize that words are slipping out of your hands, that the boundary line of language is crossed... a tremendous innocence, a new childhood. For the first time you can understand that which cannot be spoken. You can understand the message of the wind blowing through the pine trees, you can understand the poetry of the sound of running water.
To be freed from language is to be freed from all human limitations.
Language is the greatest imprisonment.
I am happy that you are feeling a great difficulty to express something that you are experiencing.
Slowly, it will become more and more clear that there is no word, no language, no concept to explain it, to express it.
Just silence is the only answer to all your questions, the only meeting with existence without any barrier, any wall.
As the language disappears, the mind is no more of any use. For the first time you contact existence directly, without the mediation of the mind -- and that experience is enlightenment. And nobody is far away from it, it is within everybody's reach.
Beyond Enlightenment


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