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Love is blind because you don't have eyes yet, and a great energy that could have become a great blessing to you becomes only misery. Eros is your energy. And Freud is right to seek and search for everything in your eros, in your sexual energy. But he is wrong because he does not know that this ordinary state of sexual energy is not its natural state, it is a perverted state.
In its natural state sexual energy rises higher and higher, it takes you upwards not downwards. In its natural state sexual energy becomes the Golden Flower within you. In the so-called ordinary, perverted state it simply takes you into new prisons, because it moves outward and downward. It dissipates you, it only brings your death closer and closer. If the same energy starts moving upwards, it brings a new life, life in abundance.

The Secret of Serets I, chap.3



It is very difficult to find a scholar who will say that what he is saying is not his knowledge. He pretends that what he is saying, he knows, that he is saying it only because he knows.
Every scholar, almost without exception, is a pretender. And because of these pretenders, it becomes very difficult for people to figure out who the authentic masters are. The scholars speak of the gateway of the buddha, they speak about eternity, they speak about emptiness. Their words are perfectly right, but the men who are speaking them are not right, because these words are borrowed.

The Language Of Existence 5


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