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And Gunakar is right, that it is one of the greatest crimes to claim enlightenment when you are not – because this is the greatest deception that you can give to humanity. It is the ugliest phenomenon.
You can be a con man, cheat people out of their money, their belongings, their houses, their wives, their husbands, anything; that is immaterial, that does not matter much. But a con man as far as enlightenment is concerned is cheating you about your consciousness, about your very being. He is doing some kind of violence, which is invisible but which is the worst that can be done by any criminal.
osho upanishads

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It is just as your fingerprints are yours alone: they have never existed before and there never will be a possibility for them to exist in the future. You fingerprints are simply your fingerprints. Your sound prints are also simply your sound prints; sooner or later we will be able to sort them out. And once we get your sound print, your frequency, then whatsoever you have said in your whole life can be reproduced.
From Ignorance to Innocence
Chapter #24



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