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The Indian concept, the yogic concept is that the belly has to be very small and the chest has to be big, because the yogic breathing is a false breathing, it is not natural. It can make a Mohammed Ali out of you but not a Buddha. It will give you the shape of a Mr Universe, but have you seen any other kinds of people in the world who are more ugly? Mr Universe seems to be the ugliest. I don't think any woman can fall in love with a Mr Universe. He looks so animalistic -- all muscles and no man, just a kind of mechanism. Just see his muscles moving -- just a kind of mechanism, a machine, but no soul! The Indian statue of Buddha is the yogic statue. When they made Buddha's statue in China, they made it with a big belly.
When one laughs and when one breathes naturally, the belly becomes slowly bigger, because then one breathes from the belly and not from the chest -- the breath goes the whole way down. If Zen were to make a religion out of Christianity Jesus would be on the cross, but with laughter, such laughter that it would resound down the centuries. But that may not have been a successful religion, because how would it suit the people who know only crying and weeping? He would look completely eccentric, outlandish. To be on the cross and sad looks perfectly right, because everybody is on a certain cross and sad.

The Secret of Secrets I, chap. 2

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It is just as your fingerprints are yours alone: they have never existed before and there never will be a possibility for them to exist in the future. You fingerprints are simply your fingerprints. Your sound prints are also simply your sound prints; sooner or later we will be able to sort them out. And once we get your sound print, your frequency, then whatsoever you have said in your whole life can be reproduced.
From Ignorance to Innocence
Chapter #24



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